Sweet & Salty

There is always this debate every time I say to someone that we should have an appetizer something sweet and salty. The always look at me in a strange way and they start making fun of my Greek culture. Well actually in my culture is very common to “marry” sweet and salty food. For example, one very common breakfast is cheese and jam on bread.Many of our dishes include dried fruits like apricots or prunes(not to sure about the prunes, they have side effects …you know), apples and honey cooked together with meat.

….(dream for a sec)…But yeah, sweet and salty is a very nice combination and why you think is daring? I like blue cheese and smelly cheeses, but for the less brave, a cottage cheese or a mild cheddar(although I don’t categorize cheddar as a cheese, is an imitation, no?) will do the job and will take you to hedonistic tasty places that you have never been. Enjoy

Feta and watermelon

Grapes and Gouda

Goats cheese and jam(yamyam)