why people cannot accept the different

Before reading this wait a second and think….no, its not for you. You are not the different, its not talking about you or me or the 95% of the people around us. But hold on a sec, and read, even if you are mad now I said you are not the different and you are a common human being. Do you want to confirm me? go ahead and then and close me



Mammy why people cannot accept the different?

because we love to feel superior and just

Yes but why?

because we allow laws to control morality.They try to legislate correct behavior

WTF is that?

we have little respect for anyone but ourselves.

it boils down to self.I is easy to reject different people, rather than understand them.

we are not sure of what we think or believe so we attack others.

making them look illogical, unreasonable, or just stupid justifies,what we think.

Thats why mammy they say I am crazy?


it is a shame, i don’t agree with many people, but i sure love discovering what and why they think like that.Differences are beautiful, like different colors in a sunset, and just one color is my favorite.But I include all the other colors in my life as well