Winter Beauty Tip: Stress Balance

I stress a lot. And the thing is that I am at my most efficient when I stress as well, so I don’t tend to calm down because I get things done. But even though something positive comes out of the stress, my body doesn’t like it. As you know stress can give you trouble sleeping, bad eating habits, get dehydrated and it can also be very hard on your skin and hair.

My facial skin is very dry, which makes this time of year horrible for me. BUT, my mum has saved me yet again. This time with one of her Christmas Calendar gift.

Declaré Stress Balance – Effect Ampoules is the saviour! One pack is 7 ampoules, each 2,5ml. But I use maybe 1/3 to cover my face, so they’ll last. This oil quickly reduces skin reactions to a wide range of stress factors, providing lasting relief. It even does the trick for my heath allergy! SO, for everyone with dry or sensitive skin.. Run to the store and by this.