Dress to… Impress?

Being an HR professional sometimes I have the feeling it comes in contrast with my Psychologist site. I even believe I may be a dual personality, having something between schizoid/histrionic or bipolar disorder. I say that because there is some times that I have a strong opinion on something that tends to agree more with me being a Psychologist rather than me being an HR specialist. And what is that?

E.g As a psychologist, I believe people should feel free to express themselves, by many means, art, music, literature, verbally or written, or by the way they are dressed. I say the way they are dressed, because as a recruiter at the same time, I expect form the interviewees to dress with a specific way. It’s this though that I have always in my mind when I meet a new applicant; how she/he would be dressed if these unwritten norms were not existing. I am always curious of what the applicant would have chosen as an outfit, and actually I think this would be a very nice idea.To see the real character  of the employee. Maybe his way of dressing could help you form some more impressions regarding his personality, more than a couple of standard questions, that actually most of the recruiters don’t even bother to ask, regarding the hobbies and the last book you’ve read. Yes, and what is usually a very common answer? My hobbies are snowboarding, bungee jumping and planking, and the last book I read was Das Urteil ,Kafka.

Really? You can hear this coming from the mouth of a 20 year old applicant who went on a job interview for the position of the stock keeper. Ok,yea maybe there is a 20 old, who understands Kafka and reads poetry in the darkness with candles , but… is there? What I am trying to say is, I would like at some point to be able to see the real character of the interviewee, maybe form his appearance, as well, but again if this becomes an unwritten norm, then people will start dressing in certain ways in order to impress you, and then we will return on the same. You see, its confusing already.Hmm, I have lots of friends that are clinical therapists….